I’m an architect with a passion for inclusive design and sustainability.

I have worked in London (ECD Architects & JCMT Architects (now TM Architects), Cambridge (AC Architects) and Glasgow (John Gilbert Architects). My background is in housing design and refurbishment, from house alterations and extensions to new build housing developments and estate regeneration projects, community buildings & mixed use developments.

A black and white head shot photo of Vaila.  A white woman with long hair and a fringe with timber panelling filling the background.

I am a mum and carer to a fabulous girl with a rare genetic condition (read more here), a minecraft obsessed boy and two pointy dogs.

Becoming a parent of a child with physical and sensory access needs has given me a new perspective on the need for thoughtful accessible design, and made me more aware of gaps in the process and failures in design.

As designers we have a crucial role to play in producing places and spaces which will welcome people of all needs and give greater emphasis on the consideration of future uses and needs.  This approach seems to be particularly lacking in housing design and refurbishment.   

We all have differing needs throughout our lives – particularly in older age – so I believe we should all be designing for flexibility in our homes from the start of any project or whenever we make significant modifications. After all our homes are the biggest investment most of us will ever make, so it seems only sensible to make sure it acts as a physical insurance policy, reducing the need to firefight expensive changes at a later date.

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