InclusiveChic 1k Milestone


Vicki (@wheelchichome) and I are so excited to have passed 1000 followers on our @InclusiveChic Instagram account this month! It’s so brilliant to see the expanding community of people who are interested in, and passionate about, #inclusivechic design!

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 18.48.41.png

Whether you have any access needs within your household or not, it’s always great to think about how everyone can benefit from inclusive design. We want to show the world that accessible design is the way to design, and help show people who need home adaptations that you don’t have to compromise your own home style!

Inclusive Chic is a space for for people to exchange their own design ideas, tips, fab products and hacks, so it’s not just limited to our perspectives!

As well as wheelchair access, we want to see design ideas for sensory needs, cool assistive tech or ways people have considered how disabled or older friends and family can be comfortable visiting their home (post pandemic of course!)!

To celebrate we’ll be sharing some of our favourite posts from the hashtag on the Insta account grid over the next week or so.

We’ve not conferred, so it’ll be interesting to see if Vicki and I pick any of the same ones, but some of my faves so far are….

Slick bathroom style: I’m loving the feed of new new bathroom and kitchen brand, Fine and Able, by our access friends at Motionspot! How gorgeous is this shower room!

Colour pops: How cheerful is this amazing hallway by Leafs_At_Home! Celebrating the space where the stairlift lives!

Kitchens for all!: I’m loving the accessible kitchen ranges that Freedom by Symphony have developed! Lots of useful accessories and it’s fantastic that all the Freedom retailers have a sample version their showrooms! (So much accessible stuff is so elusive!)

Inclusive holiday home!: Fi of InEwansWorld shares fab accessible hints and tips from home and that she and her brother Ewan have come across. These Brickhouse Farm Cottages holiday homes look fantastic!

Work in progress: It doesn’t have to be a polished magazine shot to help inspire us (who has those anyway!?)! If it’s not accessible…. we will make it so! We love following projects progress!

And of course there are loads more on Instagram!

We can’t share all of the posts to our grid, so make sure to follow the hashtag as well as the account! To join in with your own posts, just add the hashtag #InclusiveChic to your posts and/or tag the @InclusiveChic account.  We run with a theme every couple of weeks but you don’t have to stick to the theme, we want to see everything inclusive, so just share away!

What are you waiting for?  Come and join in, take a look at the great #InclusiveChic ideas that we are sharing and help us to share yours!