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We were given some gorgeous neoprene bibs for EJ when she was a baby. As she got older (and continued to need help with eating) I wished we could find something similar. Fortunately it was around this time, as she grew out of toddler sizes, that I went along to one of Disabled Living’s Kidz to Adults exhibitions (well worth a visit for ideas for adaptive products and services, when things go back to normal!) and there I met Fiona Brown of Bibetta, aka Fiona of Care Designs!

It turned out that Bibetta (whose fab neoprene bibs we had loved) had begun to develop a range of products for older children and adults: Care Designs.

Young girl in a wheelchair wearing a blue tabard bib and drinking from a pink cup

Our particular favourite products are the Junior Tabard and the Neoprene Changing mat, both of which we use every day at home or (under normal circumstances!), out and about.

In addition to the style, the main plus point for me is that all their products are machine washable!

Care Design’s tabards come in a variety of sizes, from junior to 3 different adult sizes. They are easy to wash (throw in the machine!) and super quick to dry.  They’re not at all bulky and they have a fold out base (the same sort of concept as baby pelican bibs) so any spillages don’t land on EJ’s lap!

I couldn’t be without our Care Designs neoprene mats!  They are such a useful product!

We tend to keep one in the car (for use out and about) and another in the the house. It provides a soft comfy surface for EJ to sit or lie on and gives waterproof and thermal separation from the floor/ground or changing bench. Unlike most yoga mats or picnic blankets, it is machine washable, so there’s no worries about hygiene when we use it as a picnic or camping mat too.  It’s bigger than a baby changing mat of course, but it’s no bulkier than the average picnic blanket and ours have lasted really well (years in fact!) despite regular washing and being folded up and squished into drawers and bags.

Young girl in a wheelchair next to a changing bench with a navy changing mat laid out

Earlier this year Care Designs also introduced a slimline wet & dry carry bag to go with the mat. It has a shoulder strap and also loops for hanging on the wheelchair. It has a large and a small compartment so that you can keep wet and dry things separate. We also use ours for swimming or carrying wet clothes and (…. you guessed it!), it’s machine washable so if everything needs a wash, you can just tip it all in the machine, bag and all!

Care Designs have a great range of products for adults too (including stylish pashmina and cross scarf style bibs and neckerchiefs).

Their parent brand Bibetta is definitely also worth a browse, especially if you have young children, however many of their products are inclusive for older ones and even adults who like a quirky design!

We especially love the fun neoprene lunchboxes! We often hang one from the back of EJ’s wheelchair or, as they are so soft and squishy, I can stuff it in her schoolbag to keep her snacks separate from her other things. As they are washable and hygienic I think they’d make great bags for feeding tube equipment or meds on the go too!

Rosette shaped magenta graphic with white text: Care Designs Brand Ambassador

I’ve worked with the Care Designs team for a little while now as really love their innovative and inclusive approach to product design, and their support for inclusivity and campaigns close to my heart (like Changing Places Toilets!) and so I’m delighted to officially become a Care Designs Brand Ambassador!

Care Designs are always striving to be creative with their designs and love to hear feedback on how they can improve current products, or if there are any other ranges they could look into!

Take their SURVEY to be in with a chance of winning M&S vouchers (open until 14th December 2020)!

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