Inclusive Chic: A look back at 2018

Vicki from Wheel Chic Home and I launched a hashtag last Autumn, across Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest called #inclusivechic

Grid of photos selected from the Inclusive Chic hashtag, details of each further down in this post The aim being to start conversations around inclusive and accessible design and disability adaptations, to try to break the perception that being inclusive is a compromise on style. That accessible = institutional.

The hashtag is for everyone, individuals, families and professionals, to share ideas for home design,  great building features or design we might see out and about that would help people lead a dignified, independent life. We’ve been suggesting a different theme each week for the posts (however if you have something you want to share that doesn’t fit the theme, share it anyway!).

We are really keen that the hashtag is not seen as being only for disabled people. There’s great inclusive design everywhere – that makes things easier for everyone – with or without disabilities! We want to encourage people to look around them and find things that are flexible and accessible and well designed!

The idea is that we can all learn from each other as we go!  We’re thrilled with the response so far, and we hope it’ll continue to grow!

Here’s a small selection of some of the highlights from the last quarter of last year (but please do pop over to instagram and follow the hashtag for some more great ideas!)….

1. First up is this stunning sliding door to @hopespithaler ‘s wheelchair accessible bedroom! I love the texture of the old timber and the use of industrial sliding door rail…


2. This minimalist home shared by Motionspot, picks out key features (like door openings) in contrasting tone/colour to make it more inclusive for visually impaired people…


3. A really clever use of space and built in features (bench and grab rails etc) make this shower room really flexible and accessible for someone to sit or stand and shower!


4. How beautiful is this overnight accommodation! With barely noticeable ceiling hoist and wheelchair accessible sink…


5. Christmas seems like a world away now, but this amazing light show at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh sounds like a wonderful immersive, sensory experience for families and friends of all abilities to enjoy…


6. I had to re-share this beautiful kitchen in @lavendarslongshot ‘s gorgeous accessible home…


7. This funky skull cup from the supermarket is fab as it has a straw (something many disabled people need to control the flow of liquid) and a nice big handle…


8. And finally I’m sharing this amazing bathroom by mainstream bathroom brand, Victoria Plum, featured on my co-host @wheelchichome’s blog….


That’s it for the 2018 roundup!

To help keep things fresh we are working on a new look for this new year so watch this space!

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  1. Some fantastic inclusive design here. I love the accommodation in Collaroy it is stunning. It is so important to share more inclusive design, we can learn so much. The idea of using different colours to highlight the doorways is fantastic and it looks amazing too.

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