Accessible Toilets

One of my accessibility quests is to raise awareness about the lack of truly accessible toilets.  For many people, who use large electric wheelchairs, need assistance from carers, need the use of a hoist and/or need to be able to lie down to have an incontinence pad changed, the standard ‘unisex accessible WC’ in the building regulations is just NOT accessible.

sketch plan unisex accessible WC
Unisex Accessible WC

Since 2009 there has been guidance in the British Standards (BS 8300) for the best practice fully accessible toilets – changing places – and recommendation as to which buildings they should be installed in.  However this is not mandatory in any type or size of building.  If you think they should be, please sign this petition!

I’m convinced there needs to be some change in legislation to ensure there is a minimum requirement for provision of a type of toilet with changing bench and hoist, as there is for sanitary provision for other users.

I was recently involved in a fab mass posting of blogs on this campaign.  We selected halloween as a suitable date to tell of our real life toilet horror stories, and talk of #phantomloos those elusive ones that barely exist!

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