The mumtrepreneurs at Cheeky Chompers are extending their range of Neckerchew* products to include larger sizes for older children and adults with special needs!

We hadn’t used these baby Neckerchews before – I’m not quite sure how we missed them as Twinkle has been wearing dribble bibs since she was a little baby!

All bibs are definitely not equal in the dribble catching stakes. The basic cotton baby bib soaks through really quickly and usually result in a damp t-shirt so a little pointless for our needs!

I have found a number of different dribble bib brands that have been good for us (some of them are available in larger sizes for older children and adults too). The best ones have an absorbent layer of fabric over an non absorbent layer so that the moisture doesn’t wick through to clothes. A nice thing about the Neckerchew is that they’ve gone one stage further with a 3rd layer which makes the ‘back’ of the bib co-ordinate with the front rather than leaving the fleecy backing material visible, this also means you can use it either way around giving you 2 colour/pattern options.

The unique aspect of the Neckerchew is that it’s also got an integrated chew on the point of the bib. As a baby product I’m guessing this was originally conceived as a teething chew, but as the Cheeky Chompers have quite rightly identified, it is something that goes beyond teething. Many children (and adults) chew things for sensory feedback, often to help them concentrate – in fact many of us do to a degree, just think how many people nibble their nails or chew the end of a pen when they are thinking!

Twinkle has sensory processing issues, and she mouths and chews a lot of the time, which often results in extra dribble! The idea of having something she can chew actually attached to the dribble catching device is very appealing!

As this is our first Neckerchew, Twinkle hasn’t quite taken to the chew element yet. But I can see it being a big success, particularly when she realizes she can chew hands free without dropping her chew.

Another added bonus of the chew bit is that it weights the end of the neckerchief, so if it’s not being chewed, it sits nice and flat on her chest, rather than rolling up or even flipping up and covering Twinkle’s face (there have been many times the poor we lamb has had a bib blown up in her face when we’re out in her buggy and I’ve not noticed until we stop!).

These larger neckerchews are more expensive than the dribble bibs we’ve been using previously, but of course they do have the extra chew element and are double sided.  There is a good range of colour and patterns options, they have popper adjustments for different neck sizes and the larger sizes do allow for good coverage for an older child.

I can definitely see us ordering a few more (it’s always nice to have a selection of bibs to choose from to match Twinkle’s wardrobe!)

*I received a Neckerchew from Cheeky Chompers for this review but the views are my own