Accessibility Stories 01.17

Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the first #AccessibilityStories of 2017!

Apologies for the lack of linky last month, too much going on at Christmas I’m afraid!

My lovely campaigner friend at Ordinary Hopes linked up a couple of posts to my last linky, in November, which are particularly topical as this year has begun with quite a flurry of media interest in accessible toilets!

The first is a Christmas post, The C Word, highlighting how the lack of suitable toilet facilities, meant that her family couldn’t participate in many of the festive activities that many others take for granted.

The second, Struggling to Care, a poignant post setting out what really makes caring for a loved one difficult.

This linky will be open for 2 weeks, please do share your posts about ideas and experiences (good and bad!) around physical and/or sensory accessibility of buildings, places, spaces and products below….

And do check in again next month to read the round up!


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  2. Please comment on this post to introduce yourself if you’re new to the linky, and comment on some of the other linked posts to help share ideas and experiences!
  3. It would also be amazing if you could share your post (using the hashtag #AccessibilityStories) on social media to help spread awareness of the issues around accessibility!  I’ll also try to retweet as many posts as I can!
  4. I welcome input from anyone that is affected by accessible design – users, carers, friends and family as well as designers, developers, managers and legislators (so pretty much everyone then!). I welome blogs from professionals and suppliers as well as individual bloggers as long as they keep within the spirit of idea exchange and are not sales posts for products or services.

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  1. Thanks for the mention.

    It is awfully sad when something as simple as lack of access to toilets restricts a child’s life. I have high hopes for 2017 though. This is going to be the year where more people understand and care. x

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