some temporary replanning

Now that Twinkle is mastering the bunny hop shuffle and her cheeky little bro has found his feet (and is running, jumping & climbing!), between them and our two dogs, our day to day logistics have become pretty stressful!  It feels like herding cats a lot of the time!

The dogs can be a bit excitable (as can the toddler!) so they spent most of their time in our kitchen/dining room and the children in the living room.  However there was always chaos when bringing the children into the dining room to eat (dogs and children everywhere) and quite a lot of lifting and carrying as, although Twinkle is shuffling around, she isn’t able to follow instruction/direction and we have a few steps between the two rooms.

So I decided to see if space planning could make a difference……

IMG_3755 IMG_3735

So last weekend we did a big reshuffle and moved the dogs beds, our dining table and officy type stuff into our front room and turned the kitchen/dining room into a kitchen/family room (please excuse the piles of junk on tables and shelves as the finer points of the reshuffle are not quite complete!).

IMG_3745Just over a week later and I don’t like it, I love it!

It’s made simple things so much easier.  I’ve managed to get dishes and cooking done while the kids have been happily playing together (well, maybe more like next to each other). I can leave food on plates on the worktop, and have even reinstated my fruit bowl! (Previously as soon as I turned my back or stepped out of the room one of the dogs would pinch any and all food!).

I suspect we won’t get so much use out of our dining table for a while, as the kids have a little table and chairs in the kitchen/family room to eat at, but it will make a good layout space for all my filing until we have dinner guests (not very often!), and until it moves to it’s new home after our alteration work is done.