What’s in a name?

I’m a little late joining in with Mum on a Missions’ #SEND30DayChallenge but here goes…

Day 1: Meaning behind the blog name

This is a very apt theme as I’ve been intending to write a little bit about my blog name for ages!

It may be completely obvious, particularly to my regular readers, that I’d name my blog about inclusive design. Beginning our own home design/disabled adaptations journey was the inspiration for starting to write about accessible home design in the first place.

I considered various different names (when I was googling what was available!).

Things like AccessibleHouse and InclusiveDesign, but I kept coming back to InclusiveHome.  It occurs to me now (if not then – I may be post rationalising!?) that my blog is not just about our house of bricks and mortar, but as much about our home life, our family.

EJ in her standing frame facing her baby brother in a bouncerYou might then wonder – wouldn’t having an inclusive home life go without saying?

Well, actually no.

It’s really not that easy to lead an inclusive life! There are so many barriers outside your control that mess up access and natural inclusion, and even snooker your ability to try to enable inclusion.  From the shortage of inclusive activities to the challenge of accessing public transport and the lack of the most basic facilities suitable for disabled people (like toilets!).

If you check out the social model of disability (the response to the medical model), the theory is that it’s not disability that isolates and excludes, it is society’s perspective of what a person should be (and be able to be) and the physical barriers in our environment that disables people, prevents inclusion and limits independence.

Creating an environment that is inclusive for everyone, is as much relevant to our inclusive home life as our house is, and so the scope of my blog expands…..!