Access Linky Dec 2017

Hello and welcome to the last Access Linky of 2017!

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Thank you so much to everyone who’s joined me over the last year! It’s been great to share posts from familiar blogs and brilliant to be introduced to new bloggers too!

Round Up:

It was World Toilet Day on 19th November and a number of great posts raising awareness of changing places toilets were linked up! Ordinary Hopes expresses dismay about the imbalance of media interest between able and disabled people being forced into degrading situations in One bad day for you is Groundhog Day for us, Rainbows Are Too Beautiful links with Makaton Charity’s sign of the day, Toilet, and A Wheelie Great Adventure points out the shocking fact that Even our Hospital doesn’t have a toilet we can safely use (this goes for the majority of hospitals & clinics!)!

Sparked by some comments by Chris Packam in his fantastic documentary “Aspergers and Me”, A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son asks Are Schools Autism Friendly? in terms of the building and interior design? This is an aspect of design that the building industry is just beginning to address so has a long way to go!

Also on the note of inclusive design, this time products, Millie’s Movement asks why toy companies don’t Design with Disability in Mind, particularly ride on toys in larger sizes for disabled children?  As soon as your child is just a little larger than the average toddler, products become ‘specialist’ and come with a massive price hike!

Life and other Stories’ daughter Cerys writes a lovely review of her visit to Brockhampton National Trust over the half term, which involved some Broomstick making!

Wheelscapades post, Just a Little Respect, gave us a little insight into hiring a PA, the hidden, time consuming and often frustrating administrative side of maintaining independence.

And finally Rainbows Are Too Beautiful linked up a really useful set of Fireworks Dos and Don’ts for Our Autistic Kids – useful tips to help deal with the sensory overload of Christmas and fireworks at New Year!

Please do check in again next month for the first linky of 2018 and catch up with the linked blog posts in the round up!

Linky Info:

The linky will be open for 3 weeks! Share your posts about ideas and experiences (good and bad!) around physical and/or sensory accessibility of buildings, places, spaces, products and/or activities below…. and don’t forget to check in again next month to read the round up and link up again!

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