Access Linky Nov 2017

Hello and welcome to the November Access Linky!

Only 1 day late this time!…. Sorry everyone… excuses, excuses but it’s been a hectic couple of weeks between half term, several important birthdays, anniversaries (including the blog!) and halloween!

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Thank you so much to all the joiner uppers last time, there was a fab variety of posts and from a great range of bloggers too!

Too many to highlight individually in the round up this time (which is amazing!), but you can see all the posts that have been  linked up previously here on my #AccessLinky Pinterest Board – Do hop over and take a look!

Round Up:

To start the round up is a fantastic post by A Blog About Raising My Autistic Son about accessibility in general terms, and how good strategies can impact much more than just the intended user group, as she looks back at the phenomenon of the curb cut effect in Accessibility – It’s Good For Everyone

The fab Wheelchair Chic Home linked a couple of posts, and I’ve picked out this one about How to make your home more accessible for your guests (since being about home design it’s right up my street!)! Some great tips here if you have any elderly or disabled friends or family coming to visit, especially over the festive period (it is November now, it is ok to mention Christmas, isn’t it!?)!

Also on the theme of home, I found this post by The Sun Will Come Up really moving. Home is Where the Heart Is and moving home can be stressful and emotional at any time, particularly from a family home, but even more so with the added restriction that your new home needs to be more accessible.  Finding an accessible home is not easy anyway, and family sized ones are the hardest to come by! We need more choice in inclusive housing! Have I mentioned this before? 😉

Ordinary Hopes discusses a topic that I’ve been wondering a lot about myself recently, about the narrow perception of what a wheelchair user can and can’t do.  In the context of legislation for example, I really wonder how much consideration is given to the fact that Some Wheelchair Users Do and Some Don’t self transfer!?

And to finish my summary, a super heartwarming post by The Long Chain about What a Difference a Drug Makes.  Not on the face of it a blog about accessibility perhaps, but actually embodying very fundamentals of access! Access to the right treatment and medication is access to living life you your fullest! Loving that gorgeous photo of Benjamin smiley and wide awake!

Please do check in again next month to catch up with the blog posts in the round up, and bloggers I hope to see lots of you again this month and *meet* some new people too!

Linky Info:

The linky will be open for 3 weeks! Share your posts about ideas and experiences (good and bad!) around physical and/or sensory accessibility of buildings, places, spaces, products and/or activities below…. and don’t forget to check in again next month to read the round up and link up again!

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