Accessibility Stories 05.17

Thank you to all the linker uppers from last month!

Round Up:

Starting the round up with a couple of neurodiversity posts (access isn’t only about ramps and lifts!)…

Rainbows are too Beautiful wrote about an experience a friend had had at an entertainment venue which prompted her to say, yes! Yes He is Perfect… AND he has a Disability!

The World of Gorgeous Grace speaks about the need for better advice and access to services around learning disability, as she reflects on GG’s Learning Disability Journey.

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Wheelchair Chic Home joined the linky with a fantastic Top 10 House Buying Tips When You Have Mobility Issues! This is definitely one to share with anyone looking to rent or buy an accessible or adaptable home!  If only the agents & developers understood the value in these features and marketed accessible homes properly so people could find them (and people might build more of them!)!

Another 10 was shared by the Firefly Community: Accessible Toilet Campaigners: 10 famous faces! So lovely to learn more about the people behind the campaigns, bringing a huge variety of experience and expertise to the table (or the bench?)! Really honoured to be included in the list myself!

And a fellow Firefly famous face, Rachel George of Ordinary Hopes linked a couple of her fab posts last month too.  The first, questioning how horrified people might be if non-disabled children (or adults!) were forced to wear nappies/pads! in her post: Some Things Are Just Wrong.

In contrast, Ordinary Hopes, also shared a most fabulous accessibility story, One Perfect Day, made possible by Cornwall Accessible Activities Programme in conjunction with Mobiloo (a charity providing mobile Changing Places Toilet facilities) – real inclusion! Just how it should be!

I hope you’ll check in again next month to catch up with the blog posts in the round up, and bloggers I hope to see lots of you again this month and *meet* some new people too!
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